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We offer a FREE Tyre pressure and condition check by appointment.

We probably take our tyres for granted but they have to be one of the most important parts of the car, the tyres are the only link between the car and the road, we must maintain the condition of our tyres to keep an optimised “contact patch” with the road.

Under or over inflation can not only cause premature wear to a tyre, but can greatly affect the braking distance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

As a tyre is used the tread will wear down, in turn your contact with the road lessens, and braking grip is limited.

The law states that a passenger vehicle requires “At least 1.6mm of tread, throughout a continuous band in the centre 3/4 of the tread and around the entire circumference”

A tyre with 3mm of tread has an average stopping distance of 35m from 30mph in the wet, whereas a new tyre on the same vehicle travelling at the same speed in the wet with the average 8mm of tread has a stopping distance of just 25.9m. Once your tyre is on the legal limit with 1.6mm tread, it has an average stopping distance of 43m from 30mph in the wet, that’s nearly twice that of a new tyre!

Since 2012 tyres have been labelled, a bit like the electronic goods you buy, they have a very similar looking sticker providing you with some important information. Unlike the electronic goods, the sticker isn’t concentrating on energy ratings, instead it gives information on 3 important areas when choosing a tyre ( Wet grip, Fuel economy and Noise level)

We can supply and fit a large range of tyres to suit all budgets, don’t get caught with unsafe tyres.