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Timing Belt / Chain

Timing Belt / Chain

The timing belt is an important part of the car, it ensures the running of the engine, and if not kept maintained, can be very expensive.

If your car is fitted with a timing belt, it will have a recommended minimum change interval, although the timing belt can physically be checked by removing its covers, it is almost impossible to accurately tell you if its ok to last you another day/week/month/year. Sadly, there are not many signs that indicate your timing belt is due to fail, and when they break, can potentially cause thousands of pounds of damage.

To find out when your timing belt is due, either look in your service manual or give us a call and we can give you the information you need.

If your car doesn’t have a timing belt it is most likely that it will have a timing chain, in this case manufacturers will state that a timing chain SHOULD last the lifetime of the vehicle. Again, there are not many signs that your timing chain will fail until it happens, but if the engine noise increases or a rattle occurs on start-up, better to be safe than sorry, give us a call and arrange to get it checked over.