Steering and Suspension

Your car’s steering and suspension are vital in providing a smooth ride. Damaged or worn parts can not only make your journeys more uncomfortable but can be dangerous. If your ride is getting bumpier, your car is pulling to one side, or if you feel you are sitting lower, our technicians can examine your car and ensure your car stays safe and comfortable for a long time to come.

Our full service, interim service and health checks include full suspension & steering component checks.  Steering & suspension are vital components to the operation and safety of your vehicle. Faults left unchecked/unrepaired can be very dangerous.

Power Steering Fluid Check

We also provide a comprehensive power steering fluid check. Often an overlooked element of a car service, a poorly maintained power steering system can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on other components, such as your steering rack. If your steering feels heavy, or you can see fluid leaking, speak to us and we can help. Often it’s a quick and easy fix! 



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Caring for your Car's Steering and Suspension

Our 30 years of experience and highly trained technicians will ensure your car’s steering and suspension are cared for. We can take away the stress and jargon that can come with vehicle repairs, explain the issue to you in a clear and easy-to-understand way, and advise on the next steps. This gets you back on the road comfortably and safely!

Frequently asked questions about steering and suspension

We get the same questions so rest assured you are not the only one who needs a little bit of guidance when deciding what is best for your car. 

We recommend regular inspections of your steering and suspension systems. With regular checks, you can fix little problems before they grow into bigger more expensive ones. 

There are certain times when we recommend getting your steering and suspension systems inspected.

  • Every 50,000 miles (approximately 80,000 km).
  • Any time your car is being serviced and the steering and suspension systems are accessible.
  • When your tyres are replaced.
  • When your brakes are serviced.

If your car bounces repeatedly after driving over a bump in the road, and the drive generally feels rough, it’s time to check your suspension.

If your car steering is pulling to one side, this is often only noticed when a problem becomes severe. If when driving, you need to hold the steering wheel in place in order to keep your car going in the right direction, it’s definitely time to come get your steering checked. If your steering wheel jerks suddenly or wobbles, those are all indicators of an issue that needs to be investigated. 

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